I was speaking a few Sundays ago to a group of adults and students in Austin, Texas. “I know this is the time of year when you begin to think through changes that you want to make, and things you want to accomplish. In some of your thinking you said to yourself, ‘Someday I want to go on a mission trip.'”

Through out the group, actually to my surprise, there were lots of heads in the group of about 500 nodding in affirmation! Even while this is my work, and my passion, and I get to do many mission trips, I still have the same thinking. For me I often think, someday I’d love to serve around the world in one year in lots of places, or see the work of God up the Amazon. We have an awesome work in Mbita, Kenya that Jimmy Rivera on our staff leads that I have never seen…I want to go there. Are you like me and those nodding in affirmation?

Mission Discovery will make happen those thoughts and dreams of hundreds of those who have said yes to a mission trip. We also make possible the opportunity to participate in long term care of those were serve through our HOLD the Children child/school sponsorship, where a donor can help a child have a hot meal and and education for just $30 a month. With the simple writing of a check you can shape a life!

This year our work expands both here in the U.S. and over seas. You can see all the trips by clicking here.

So if you have “nodded Yes” let us help you make that yes possible and you’ll see the works of God in the world!