Prior to my ministry with Mission Discovery, I had been a church planter for 15 years. Buried somewhere deep in my DNA is this desire to start something new – blaze into the next personal frontier.

There exists at Mission Discovery a unique freedom to hear the voice of God, poke around the world to see tangible evidences of His work, envision how His divine invitation can be realized, and to move forward with projects that not only includes personal participation but the great privilege of leading others into a discovery of God’s work in our world. The result is not unlike that of Job of the Old Testament who, after an intense season of experiencing life outside of what can be considered ordinary (his with much earthly pain and suffering), declared, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you”. (Job 42:5)

However, along the journey I have experienced something strangely familiar – CHURCHES HAVE BEEN PLANTED! While it has not been my intention to jump back into this work, it makes perfect sense that God would form out of the efforts of my co-workers and I, this timeless institution. Something He has used through the ages to be the very manifestation of His presence here on earth – a sort of “JESUS WITH SKIN ON” as we like to call it here at Mission Discovery.

A short list of evidences include the Fish Gate Church in Reynosa Mexico, the Colonia 21 Church in Juarez Mexico, the Good Shepherd Church in Tampico Mexico, and plans laid for a new church in Joseph City, AZ to minister to the Navajo Nation. A list, much larger than that above, exists among the collective efforts of the entire Mission Discovery staff.

Certainly my role in this effort is different from years past, but I’m honored to stand with trusted pastors around the globe who faithfully serve their congregations, resourcing each in the fulfillment of their mission. I believe God has granted Mission Discovery a staff position in each of these churches, just as I consider these pastors a vital part of our staff.

Thanks be to God for the privilege to be about His business!