We are right in the middle of our pre-trip training at Mission Discovery! Mission trip team preparation is essential for anyone heading out on a summer mission trip.

We are almost sure that a team will do lots of research about the destination, the people and their culture. But we discover an often overlooked area of mission team preparation. Every group who participates in a mission trip with Mission Discovery prepares a Team Covenant. The Team Covenant is a bit like a contract.

Imagine heading out to Guatemala and before you arrive you have a document that the team has agreed to, signed and prayed over that covers team strategy, team goals, dealing with problems, holding each other accountable and evaluating your performance. Each point supported by scripture agreed upon by the entire team. That’s the gist of a Team Covenant. We’ve seen successful teams pull out the Team Covenant multiple times during the week for review. It’s an excellent tool.

There’s a complete outline for anyone who requests. Just email me [email protected] and I’ll send it your way. God bless you and have a great mission trip this summer and spring!