Looking at the cost of a mission trip has become the focus of church groups here in the U.S. Twice each year we take a hard look at what the needs are in the communities where Mission Discovery serves. We know that it is harder for you to gather as many for a short term mission trip today than it was two and three years ago.

Our passion is to see vital work in our communities accomplished at a price that will draw the hands and feed to make that work possible.

We do that in several ways.

One each Mission Discovery staff raises his or her salary, two we use the power of buying quantity to negotiate the best prices on materials, food and lodging, third, we are actively seeing and receiving grants that can be used to serve those in need.

All this means that every participant gets more than they paid for on a Mission Discovery trip, and we are able to do more for those in need that we serve.

Now, we are introducing the 3-Day-Mission-Trip. The price is half that of a week-long mission trip with Mission Discovery and has all the same elements. Incredible worship, teaching and a vital work. Mission Discovery’s 3 day mission trips happen at Camp Mission Discovery in the hills of Tennessee.

Go off the beaten path to a community marked by broken down houses and people in need. Be a part of an on-going ministry that will shape an entire county and your team as well.

To learn more click the link below. Pick your dates now, these trips will fill quickly!