I remember hearing Steve Brown say in a message at Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church, “When it’s dark outside, a little light will do.”

Years ago I took kids spelunking, that’s a big word for cave exploring. There was one cave, now closed I think, here in middle Tennessee called Johnson Civil War Cave. I experienced first hand what Steve was talking about in the back of that cave. There in a part of the cave called “The Hall of the Mountain King,” we would have everyone turn their lights off for several minutes. Then one of us would break open a small glow stick, the kind used on highways to mark a hazard, and throw it across the cave. That little bit of light would illuminate the whole cave. Then Bill McDowell would do the most incredible talk asking the group if they could get out of the cave without light? Would that little light be enough to get them out?

I have experienced some parts of the world that are like that cave…dark. Simply asking myself, “how I can bring