HOLD The Children is a division of Mission Discovery that helps children in developing countries go to school. Mission Discovery also supports HOLD The Children orphanage, home to more than forty abandoned or orphaned children in northern Haiti, as well as a school for deaf children in Eden, Jamaica.

We support these schools and orphanages through individual child sponsorship.

There are nearly 2000 children in school because of dedicated sponsors. The HOLD orphanage is completely funded by the gifts of compassionate people who want to make a difference in the life of a child.

Christmas is a special time for kids and families around the world and our sponsored children are no different. This year the kids in Haiti will enjoy a day of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. The party will have food, presents, games and fun and will be a special one for every child in each school.

If you would like to get involved with HOLD The Children, there are a few ways to participate;

  • You can sponsor a child. Thirty dollars a month will cover school expenses for a child in Haiti, Guatemala or Jamaica.
  • A one-time donation will be just in time for Christmas. Your gift will help with school supplies and clothing for HOLD The Children.

Or you you could plan a short-term mission trip to volunteer at either the orphanage in Haiti or the school in Jamaica. Adult mission trips to Jamaica are scheduled for October, 2014 and high school groups will depart for Haiti in January, April, and July. If you are already sponsoring a child through HOLD The Children, these short term mission trips give you the opportunity to meet your child, which can be a life changing experience.

Mission trip projects include building new dorms and classrooms, teaching a class for deaf children, creating safe play areas, or building/repairing perimeter fences.

HOLD The Children exists to glorify God by advocating for the needy and empowering them via truth and compassionate care. To learn more about our children and our mission trips, visit www.holdthechildren.org