What if you knew that missions trips fit in to the global, grandest part of the growth of your church? What if your next missions trips laid the groundwork for the message you wanted to communicate?

Today church youth leaders and pastors want more from their mission trip than-just a way to spend a hot summer week. They want a missions trips focus to line up with the vision and purpose of their congregations. Some might say, “How can an outreach not align with the purposes of Jesus…the vision of the church?” Well the simple answer is, it is possible for a mission trip to be less than it could have been. It all depends on preparation.

What if your team arrived at their summer mission trip all agreeing on three purposes? What is every element of the week worked towards those purposes and offered simple, measurable tools to evaluate effectiveness of the team?

Since 1991 we have worked on those elements of a short term mission trip at Mission Discovery and are confident in our training.

Our training events are called Pre-Field Orientations and ranked by youth leaders and pastors as training that not only prepares a team for a missions trip, but for a ministry back home.

At a Mission Discovery Pre-Field Orientation you can expect to walk away from the event with tools to prepare your group for the best possible mission opportunity. You’ll learn the three key elements of ministry in a cross cultural setting, you’ll learn the importance of having a unified team and how to make that happen, you’ll have confidence that your work will continue after you leave and how that happens and more.

Mission Discovery Pre-Field Orientation webinars make it easy for leaders to get the training they need. Sign up for a Mission Discovery trip, attend a PFO Webinar and you can be confident that you’ll see lives changed, and those lives just might be YOUR OWN!