Come on a Mission Discovery project in Haiti and you’ll never be the same – maybe!

Spending a week in Port au Prince can leave a person with a nagging sense of hopelessness. The obvious injustices and an overwhelming plight of poverty have the potential to inoculate one’s heart from the endless filmstrip that keeps reeling through the mind after returning home.

Micah 6:8 calls all who follow Christ to “do justice”. However, I have observed many who journey into the world’s darkest dark respond by disengaging from the painful experiences – a very human reaction and one I can certainly relate to. Burdened down by the enormity of humanity’s problems and a clear picture of how one person’s efforts to even make a dent in the situation, we find it easy to throw our thoughts into the brain’s trashcan and move on to more pleasant thoughts and activities.

Writing this article from my room in Port au Prince, hours away from escaping to my “day-by-day”, I’m experiencing a new sense of peace that is both motivational and satisfying.

Have I made a difference by being here these past ten days? YES, I HAVE. Would the world judge my efforts and call me out as a hero? LIKELY NOT! Have I been obedient to the requirement found in Micah 6:8? YES, I BELIEVE SO!!

This truth, coupled with peace God speaks of in Isaiah 26:3 & John 14:27, grants me a motivating peace to passionately pursue the journey with Jesus through the pain and despair of this world, touching one life at a time and leading others in the same through Mission Discovery projects.