Drive an hour northeast from Nashville and you will find the town of Westmoreland. In contrast to Nashville’s surge in population and status as an “up and coming” city, Westmoreland is still very much the same as it has always been. This is a small town with a population of 2,300. Many of its residents have called Westmoreland home for all of their lives. This area is also home to a camp that Mission Discovery purchased almost 10 years ago. Using the camp as a launch point, Mission Discovery has reached out to residents in Westmoreland who need help in a variety of ways. From senior citizens who need general housekeeping help to disabled individuals who need wheel chair ramps built, Mission Discovery has literally been reaching out to the neighbors in our own backyard.

Mr. John has called Westmoreland his home for 87 years. Like many of the people Mission Discovery serves in Westmoreland, a local church gave Mr. John’s name to us. He lives by himself and takes care of his own property. He is mostly self sufficient, but needed a little extra help. Our team spent the week building Mr. John a new deck, painting trim, and doing general yard work. While members of the team were busy checking items off the list of what to do, Mr. John would find ways to pull someone aside and simply talk to them. He would ask