Helping others as a volunteer abroad is a blessing to be enjoyed. But it’s also important in missionary work to keep a perspective of discipleship so you don’t wind up being self-righteous or of the opinion that you are there to help and teach, exclusively. Because here is the one thing you weren’t expecting on your summer mission trip…

You will probably learn more about Christ from the people you came to share His good news with, than they will learn from you.

It is easier than you think to inadvertently view your team as the saviors or answer to prayer, and the people on the field as the poor people in need of you.

According to Steve Bremner, a writer for Relevant Magazine, “the people you’re going to minister to or work alongside are members of the same body of believers as you are. Even if they’re not Christians yet, they’re still people God loves and whom Christ died for. They are capable of making decisions and helping themselves in many ways, and if you can keep your pride from getting in the way, you can learn just as much, or more, from them as they can from you.”