So you are a pastor thinking about taking a group of adults on a mission trip?

Years ago we started receiving calls from the parents of students who were going on our summer Mission Discovery trips requesting permission to go along with their children. We always said they were welcome to come along but the final decision was up to their youth-trip-leader. We discovered that after returning home, the high school and middle school students described a summer mission trip experience that adults want to experience for themselves!

We tested a mission trip for adults in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We did almost the same evening program, including video from the day, worship all preceded by a hard day’s work mixing concrete, holding orphans, and leading children’s bible school. Adults loved the experience, and the Montego Bay Mission Discovery trips fill quickly each year.

Most adults on our trips confirm that they were first motivated by a youth or another adult who talked about their own mission trip, but also report that a mission trip is the next step to expressing what they hear spoken from their churches. Adults are listening to their church leaders who are saying, “Go, Serve, Give, be Bold!.” Pastors-they are listening to you! Who knew?

Finally, the adults in your church hear daily through a flood of media what is happening in the world both bad and good. That the small stories that stand out among the rest about what God is doing in the world. Your adults are ready to jump right into God’s work, and are just waiting for someone to simply invite them to a tangible experience.


1. They saw the impact of mission trips in their high school years and want to continue.

2. Adults want to express what is taught from the front of the church.

3. Adults know that God is not finished with them, have heard of Gods work in the world and are ready to jump in.

Pastors, what area you waiting for? You’ve taught them well, now take them!

Mission Discovery Adult Mission Trips:



The Bahamas