Re Post: Don Schreier, Mission Trip Perspective: Perspective makes all the difference in the world. A story is told of a weary business man riding a crowded subway one evening. There was a young woman sitting across from him with two small children who were misbehaving. This annoyed the man and most others near the noisy commotion. What bothered him as much as the children’s bad behavior was the mother’s lack of oversight – she stared straight ahead like she was in a trance. Finally the man could take it no longer and demanded the mother take control her children. The woman lifted her head as though being awakened from a deep sleep and looked at the man and then her children. She spoke firmly to her children and they immediately sat down and became quiet. She then apologized to those around her saying, “I’m sorry for my children’s behavior. I can’t seem to focus – I just left the hospital. My husband was in a terrible accident and is badly hurt.” The man who was so full of anger now felt great pity for this woman and wanted to somehow help. Perspective makes a difference.

Few things adjust one’s perspective like a mission trip. Poverty seen on TV is different from servi