So you’ve made the decision, the church is on-board, and you are ready to take the youth group on an international summer mission trip. Now what?

A one-week mission trip in June or July really starts weeks, even months before you arrive on the filed. Every Mission Discovery trip leader is encouraged to attend a webinar or weekend event we call Pre-Field Orientation (PFO). When that training is complete the team leader has tools to prepare the team for the best possible international mission trip!

We build our PFO around a simple outline that expands to six steps or meetings that will give your team a head start in seeing success during and after your trip.

Here is the simple outline. We encourage every international summer mission trip team to go as:


Servants and

Story Tellers

Let me explain. Think about who your best friend is right now. What are the characteristics that make him or her that best friend to you. It may be that they are always ready to talk, or you’ve shared a common experience with then through a painful time or you just have a lot in common. They’ve surfaced though to the top of your list of friends.

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