This time of year, the closest thing to a mission trip that many of us are taking is a trip to visit family, or a “mission” to the mall for last minute gifts. Missionary work may be the farthest thing from our minds during the holidays, but consider this: Americans spend nearly $550 billion on Christmas every year. Now consider the fact that we spend less than six percent of that amount on Christian missions. If you’re like us, you probably find that statistic a little depressing, so here are a few ways to bring some true Christmas cheer back to the holiday season.  

1. Give the gift of the Gospel

Sure, you’ve heard that before. But there’s a good reason: The Gospel of Christ is the gift that keeps on giving (No, it’s not the jelly of the month club.), and financially supporting missions is the perfect way to give that gift.

2. Give the gift of the gift of the Gospel

Yes, you read that right. This Christmas, celebrate Christ by allowing a friend or family member to choose a missionary organization that you will donate to in their name. You can think of it as a sort of “Gospel Gift Card.” Whether they choose to donate to a large organization or a single missionary family, this is a great way to support and raise awareness for Christian missions.

3. A Christmas vacation

Okay, so missionary work isn’t exactly a vacation. But it’s infinitely more rewarding, and it can be fun, too. If you’ve got high school or college-aged family members, consider giving them the gift of a mission trip of their choice. You can give money toward the trip, or if budget allows, you can cover all the expenses. Do they want to volunteer abroad? Bigger trips are a great way to get the entire family involved.

4. This year’s hot new gift is… financial support!

If you’re the one interested in missionary work, financial support is a great thing to put on your list this Christmas. And even if a gift exchange isn’t one of your family traditions, the holiday season is still a great time to let the family know about your trip. And, as with any missions trip, make sure they know you have need of prayer support in addition to financial support. Chances are, they’ll want to help with both.    

It’s never too early to start praying about your next missions trip. And the holiday break is a great time to start planning your next missions trip. Whether you choose to do work in the US, or to volunteer abroad, you’ve got plenty of options with Mission Discovery. Please don’t hesitate to visit our website to see the variety of mission trips we have available for all ages, genders, and lengths of time. Now is the time to start planning for a mission trip with Mission Discovery.