Everybody who has been on mission trips knows that the experience can be life altering. You’ll get to see countries you’ve never visited, eat food you’ve never tried, and see God move in people’s lives. Mission trips can have a huge impact on both the person doing the missionary work and the people being served. One huge impact for the missionary is the relationships that are formed during a trip.

Relationships of all shapes and sizes are likely to form when you volunteer abroad. Short-term mission trips and long-term mission trips usually lead to different types of relationships after the experience.

Short-term mission trips are typically an emotionally intense experience. This is a good thing because everybody needs to be on the same page and bring the same passion to the trip. It’s easy to meet new friends on a short-term mission trip and then forget about them afterwards when the initial emotions are gone.

  1. Exchange contact information with the people who you volunteer abroad with during these trips. Commit to pray for each other and ask about what’s coming up next in each other’s lives after the trip. This will give you something to talk about wh