Imagine living in a developing nation, where poverty was the norm. Now imagine what type of resources would be available to you, if you were deaf. Thank God for Jamaica Christian School for the deaf, which provides an education and a community for these children. Mission Discovery teams assist the school staff by spending time with the children, building needed facilities, updating classrooms, and more. YOU can help this community in all sorts of ways. In Eden, you’ll be able to participate in renovations, Children’s Bible schools, local outreaches and more; all while loving on the community and spreading the name of Jesus. This trip will allow you to make a true difference in the lives of so many children and families while also providing necessary help to the staff of JCSD.

Find out what others are saying about their Mission Discovery trips to Eden, Jamaica.

“I went to Eden, Jamaica with Mission Discovery this past week, and it was an unforgettable experience. The team I met up with was wonderful and the Mission Discovery staff/intern were so welcoming and helpful.”

Kayla C

“Loved our Mission Discovery trip. The Mission Discovery team in Jamaica was such a blessing.”

Mary Kay P

“MD Jamaica was an incredible experience. Brittany and her team did a great job of making sure everything was taken care of, which made our team not have to focus on details and get to experience everything fully.”

Kimberly A

“I enjoyed this trip all over again. Last year I went to Haiti and it took a part of my heart. Jamaica now holds part of my heart as well. The impact the people had on me will last a lifetime. Brittany was phenomenal and I look forward to years to come aiding the Jamaican community.”


“The Mission Discovery staff in Jamaica was incredible! Brittany was so organized and I felt like she made this trip so memorable and filled with maximum experiences! I loved how the staff was always present with us at the different locations. I also enjoyed the different mission opportunities that Mission Discovery had to offer in the week’s trip. Overall I plan on taking part in Mission Discovery in the future and would recommend it to all!”

Kacie M

“The trip to Jamaica was fantastic. The partnerships that mission discovery has are phenomenal. Getting to use our hands and help build something for the Jamaican Christian school for the deaf was truly wonderful. Then the time spent in the village getting to do VBS with locals was such a unique experience. The true icing on the cake of the trip was the time at west haven. It just wrecked my heart and everyone else in the group. It was such a special afternoon getting to love on the disabled. I would do this trip over and over again in a heartbeat.”


If you’re looking for a place to serve others, magnify His name, and grow closer to Christ, look no further than Eden, Jamaica. You’ll come back home full of memories, hope, and a desire to return to Eden to continue this mission. Learn more about our trips to Eden, Jamaica here.