Everyone plays a different role in this world; some are global missionaries, others are ministers or even caring, loving friends, but all are called to give. Giving either monetarily or with your time helps build up the family of Christ by supporting those who cannot support themselves so that the Gospel can be spread. Mission Discovery serves others so that others can serve on mission trips. YOU can also help us serve those going on trips with us by donating monetarily. Not everyone is called to physically go to another location to serve, and if that’s you then here is a way you can serve those who are called to go. A single dollar donated can change the lives of hundreds of people. First, it helps all of the Mission Discovery staff keep this organization afloat. Without your donations, we cannot continue to make the same impact for the kingdom as we do now. Second, it helps everyone who goes on mission trips with us. They, because of donations, don’t have to pay as much to go on a trip with us. And third, a donation helps every single person that comes into contact with any work done in the areas we take people on trips to. Every meal passed out, every prayer prayed, every wall painted, every house built is affected by your donated dollar. Want to make a difference in the kingdom of God by donating to Mission Discovery for Giving Tuesday? Continue reading to learn more.

1. Why donate?

Mission Discovery is a nonprofit, meaning that we don’t make money when people go on mission trips with us. So, we are fully supported through your donations. When you donate, you are helping us continue to be able to send others on mission trips and spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Every penny donated is used to magnify His name!

2. How to donate

You can safely and easily donate to Mission Discovery through our website by going to this page.

3. What your money goes to

When you donate you can choose which fund your money goes to. This includes hurricane relief, specific staff members, HOLD the Children, trip donation, summer interns, and more! If you’re not sure how exactly you want your money to be used then you can also donate your money to the general fund, and we will use your money in whatever area is most needed at the time.

4. Is my money being used for what I think it’s being used for?

Mission Discovery is a verified organization through the ECFA, which means that you can trust our integrity. We are using your money for exactly what you donate it for. Learn more about the ECFA by watching this video.