This is Theresa’s song.

She posted a picture on Instagram the other day that changed me. Like literally. I was at work, and tears were flooding my eyes.

The caption read, “Because family doesn’t always mean blood, and a mentor doesn’t always have to be an old guy with a beard.” It was a picture of her and I hugging a couple of weeks ago.

I call Theresa my sister. She calls me brother. Without going into too much detail I can tell you that she has experienced tragedy. She has come to know a deep pain that can only come from loss. I too know that pain.

Did you know that God can redeem ANY experience in your life. Your deepest, darkest secrets. Your fears. Your aches and your pains. That time you were abused. Or when you were so close to ending it all because there was no other way out. That thing you thought would set you free, but now has chains on you, and as much as you try, you can’t hide it anymore.

YES! God can redeem all of that. He makes all things new.

There is a question that floats around when something terrible happens. It’s a question that comes naturally, but even if it could be answered, would it help anything? You know the one?


“Why” is a question that loves to see us running in circles, searching for an answer that, in the end, will not change a thing. I don’t know why my mother was killed when I was nine years old. But I know the pain that I felt for years afterwords. I know that sometimes the only reaction to that pain is to bury my face into a pillow and scream until my vocal chords become mute. I know what it’s like to space out and daydream about singing with her. And because I know my pain, I know something about Theresa’s pain.

We connect, and learn from each other as we venture in to this thing that hurts too much to be labeled. Some call it “grief”, but I think that’s too short of a word.

Today, I have a new sister, because God can take the most evil, upside down thing that has ever happened to me, and redeem it.

He gives hope to the hopeless. Life to the lifeless. Meaning to the meaningless… And it’s a beautiful thing to experience Him as He takes the hurts and pains that we collect on our journey, and make them useful.

Because family doesn’t always mean blood, and a mentor doesn’t always have to be an old guy with a beard.