During our banquet last month, we debuted our newest promo video. In this video, we recapped six amazing stories that all shared a common theme.

In the first story we learned how a teenage boy in Las Vegas was always told you cannot put God in a box. During the tour of the food bank where he was serving he saw a quote on the wall that read, “There are some people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except for in the form of bread.” After spending an entire day boxing meals for children in need, he realized he put God in 7,000 boxes.

In our Nashville story we saw how God used something as simple as a wheelchair ramp to bring freedom to an elderly homebound gentleman.

We learned that down in Guatemala this summer one of our teams provided groceries for a young woman in need. She wanted to say thank you but didn’t know how. She showed up the next day with chocolate for the group, this was her way of saying thank you. Later that evening, the chocolate became communion among the team.

In Virginia nail polish was used to build bridges and overcome the fear of not knowing what to do. We saw that God uses even the smallest ones to show his love and bring His kingdom here.

Two small sno cones brought an awesome reality check to one of our contractors in Arizona. He was busy working the day away when two young girls interrupted his work and asked him to hold their sno cones so that they could jump on the trampoline. As he stood there with their icy treats he realized it wasn’t about the work.

And finally, right up the road in Westmoreland, Tennessee we learned how a window opened up a whole world of opportunities to a young girl in need. A Mission Discovery team came to work on her home when she was a young child, and this summer she served with us as an intern and ministered to hundreds.

Each of these stories is a powerful testimony of how God uses small things to make a big difference in people’s lives. You may think you’re doing the simplest thing, but in His kingdom it makes a huge difference! What great reminders of how God uses Mission Discovery mission trips to change people’s lives! You think you’re going to a foreign place to have a great week of fun. And yes, you do have fun, but God does such amazing works of transformation that impact His kingdom forever!

*Watch this video at https://vimeo.com/140094916