Most people hear the term “spark joy” and think of the Netflix series by Marie Kondo. She’s an incredible organizer on a search for joy. The question is: Do material things spark joy for you anymore or not? After all, joy is more than just a temporary feeling. Things, like clothes or cars, can bring you momentary happiness, but not true joy. What then is joy?



A common definition of joy

Most people believe joy is seen as an intense feeling of happiness caused by something that is perceived as really good. This can be used in terms of possessions, events, or people. It’s very broad, and this causes people to confuse the true definition of joy (aka the Biblical definition) and happiness. This definition leaves us with a temporal sense of joy. This joy can fade. It can come and go as it pleases. This is not how the Bible defines joy.


A biblical definition of joy

According to the Bible, joy is a state of mind and heart. It’s an eternal state. It’s not just happiness. You can be joyful but not happy, and you can be happy but not joyful. We find joy in what Christ has done for us on the cross. True joy can be found in the assurance that Jesus saves us and we can now be with him for eternity. Yes, it does feel like intense happiness, however, it is always present in the life of a Christian. We may not focus on it always, but deep down it is there. It’s in our hearts and our minds. I am joyful in Christ.


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