Officially en route to Tecate! It was a bit of a rough start this morning. I woke up to find my face was puffy, itchy, and red. For some odd reason, we had no benadryl or any type of allergy relief medicine in my house at all so on the way to the airport we had to stop at Walgreens to pick some up. I get to the airport right on time (or so I thought) at 4:30 for my 6:30am flight. I get up to curbside check-in and find that there is no 6:30 am flight to San Diego. I looked back at my confirmation e-mail from Delta and the Sky Cap was right….I didn’t leave until 7:45am. However, this flight was delayed until 8:30 which would make me late for my connecter flight to San Diego. Bummer, right? So I had to hurry to the ticket counter to get a re-route. As I approach the line I noticed a large group of church students. “Great”, I thought, “now I’ll be late for sure.” I could feel this rash on my face begin to itch even more and I was getting anxious. Knowing God would take care of this, I was able to calm down for a quick minute.

I finally get to the kiosk and this man (who seemed to be awfully impatient) helped me. Without saying a word he typed away on his computer. He finally told me to put my checked bag on the scale. I silently prayed that my bag wouldn’t be over 50lbs. I guess it didn’t matter to this guy anyway because he just put my luggage tag on, said “I got you on the 5:30 am flight. You’re all set to go” I was slightly perplexed as I walked away realizing he didn’t charge me the checked baggage fee. Fine with me. It’s funny how the Lord works, but by no coincidence. If I hadn’t messed up my flight information I would have been there an hour later only to find out that my flight was delayed and I wouldn’t make it to San Diego on time. Oh and did I mention….I was bumped up to first class?! With only 40 minutes to get through security and to my gate on time for my flight, the Lord provided in my time of stress and uncertainty.

I am excited to see how God works this week. I haven’t been to Mexico in 2 summers and I’ve missed it more than I could have ever imagined. I’m pumped to see what God has to show me and how He’s going to work through me, my fellow staff, and the youth that will be here. I want to have an open heart and open eyes to see and feel all that He has to offer. These people have taught me to love without limits and I can’t wait to love on some people. ☺