Written by Valerie from Somerset, Pennsylvania. Her group joined us for our annual Tecate, Mexico cut-out trip that kicks off each summer.

“My team recently partnered with Mission Discovery in Tecate, Mexico for an incredible experience! We arrived Sunday evening full of excitement and anticipating all that God was going to do during our stay. We knew that our main purpose in Tecate was to pour concrete foundations for eight future homes, but we also knew that the Lord was going to work in ways we couldn’t even imagine.

We began and ended each day with devotions, which was a huge blessing. It really helped our team connect with each other and with God as we prepared to go out and serve each day. Many of us got to share our testimonies, our struggles, and what God put on our hearts throughout the week. All of them seemed to flow together seamlessly, even though none of us knew what the other was planning to share.

Several of our concrete jobs seemed like they were going to be impossible to accomplish. They were literally on the side of a mountain! Our team had to figure out a number of puzzling situations, like how to get our cement mixer up a steep, rocky mountainside, carry buckets of sand, shale, and water uphill, and design a way to successfully pour the concrete onto the pad. It was the most extreme example of teamwork I’ve ever seen! The morning of one of our most difficult sites, our devotion focused on how God can open doors that would be impossible for us to open on our own. We were reminded that the work we were doing was not by our own strength, but His. Anything we accomplished was only to give Him glory.

It was such a privilege for us to build foundations for eight future homes, and be an arrow pointing to Christ. It was beautiful to see the families put their handprints and a sparkling gemstone cross in the wet cement of their future homes. The Holy Spirit was among us as we circled up and prayed over each and every foundation, both at the start and finish of the project. My team even had the chance to go visit some of the homes they helped build in previous years, and we were moved to tears hearing stories of how God is blessing these homes and bringing them to life.

Before the end of the week, my team left an extra contribution behind to bless a family with a special little boy named Isaac. Isaac was born a very sick child, but he has already lived longer than his doctors said he would. God has been doing miracles for his family, and my team was excited to become part of Isaac’s amazing story.

We look forward to coming back next year, and hearing how God has worked in all of these beloved families lives!”

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