The border between the United States and Mexico is over 2,000 miles long. For the thousands of people living in shanty towns that line each side of it, life is hard.

Homelessness and unemployment are common along the border, but Tecate, Mexico is an exception. Nestled among rolling hills in a fertile valley about forty miles east of Tijuana, Tecate is home to more than 80,000 people.

The economy there has historically been supported by agriculture but recently has seen a growth in other business segments as well. In addition to being safer and cleaner than nearby areas, Tecate offers opportunities that its neighbors do not. However, just outside the town, poverty is still widespread among the nearby neighborhoods.

Mission Discovery has been working its mission Mexico for over 30 years. That’s 30 years of memories. But, something special happened in 2019 for a family in crisis.

When I was first introduced to Eva, she was visibly relieved to see our team. She got into our vehicle and directed us to the property that she and her husband had been working on for months.

Typically, Mission Discovery worksites are in bad shape and a lot of preparation is required before beginning mission work, but this location was faultless. They dreamed of providing their small daughter with a safe and secure home as she grew up. It was a fantasy that almost missed its chance to come true.

I was measuring the dimensions for the work projects when I saw her tears. Ana, who works with Mission Discovery, began to interpret for Eva, who was having difficulties speaking. She went on to say that after putting in so much effort, they had given up a few months earlier. They were forced to.

Her husband was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer that caused him to suffer excruciating discomfort when he attempted to move. His days were numbered, and their hopes of having a lovely life together caring for their daughter, Ingrid, were coming to an abrupt end; all that remained was this desolate plot of land. But, God had other ideas in store.

When the Mexico mission trip team came to build a house for Eva and her daughter, we had no idea that her husband was being prepared for an eternal residence. That week, Kingdom seeds were planted, and Eva’s husband was drawn to Christ by Peter, Ana’s husband.

He later passed away, but not before celebrating a new home for his family. In one week, a temporary home and a permanent one. Because a group of people said “YES” to a mission trip.

Ana and Peter’s friendship with Ingrid and Eva has blossomed into a special relationship. Ingrid calls Peter “Grandpa.” When she misses her father, she weeps and asks for sweets. Peter happily delivers.

The best part of this story is that it isn’t simply a one-time event. There are many stories like this one that I could share with you. Each one provides a glimpse into the gracious work of God and how He uses our actions to fuel His mission.

Although it can sometimes be overwhelming to think about taking another trip, know that your contribution will help provide a safe place for those who don’t have a place to call home.