The city of Tecate, Mexico is a small town located in the state of Baja California and is a popular destination for tourists, who come to enjoy its mild climate and beautiful scenery. The town is also home to a number of historical monuments and museums, but Mission Discovery teams know it as a special place with an abundance of mission trip memories.

It looked like plenty of families would receive homes last summer because there were so many Mission Discovery short term mission trips scheduled to work in the colonias around the town. But, due to a last-minute change in the area, Mission Discovery decided to reroute the teams.

Every once in a while the staff of Mission Discovery must make a call for safety, and while those types of decisions help our teams, they also disappoint the people they could be coming to serve.

Sometime during the summer, we got word of a family in desperate need of housing. The family of four was living in a run-down trailer because their house burned down.  The father was working the mother was doing whatever she could to make ends meet. They had a living room to sleep in but no place to bathe.

The only thing left of their home was a pile of ashes.

So, we wondered what to do. We had a family in need of help, but we had no way of having a team serve on a mission trip there. That’s when one of Mission Discovery’s most faithful teams stepped up to the plate. Loving Hands Ministry out of Pennsylvania offered to send funds to our ministry partners so they could move forward with building the home.

But, there was another problem. The amount donated was enough to provide a structure, but not enough to cover the cost of a bathroom. But, God always makes a way. A brother from Texas heard of the need as well and stepped up to provide a bathroom for the family.

Mission Discovery’s partnership with our ministry partners is what makes it possible for us to serve families in need. Without the help of Loving Hands Ministry, Brother Sam in Texas, and our ministry partners on the ground in Tecate, this family would be living in a trailer without water or a way to use the restroom.

A lot of people wonder about miracles. We get curious when things are out of our control and God steps in to do miraculous things. I can tell you there were many miracles on this project. From no gas money to full tanks of gas, and no food to fish tacos, God cares about providing for the small things.

But, for this family of four who no longer has to live in their run-down trailer,  the biggest miracle is that they now have a safe, sturdy place to call home.

Thank you Loving Hands Ministry and Brother Sam for partnering with Mission Discovery and the Maciel’s to make this possible. And we always thank God for taking care of His children.

Ensenada, Mexico