Jason Torrence

One of the most fascinating parts of missionary work is the way that it puts us in constantly-changing situations. Mission trips allow us to meet unique people and to experience new locales. However, that fluidity is one of the many things that make missionary work so challenging. Consequently, consistency is a vital - and often overlooked - part of any mission work. This is especially true when that work is supported by Christian ministries. With that in mind, these “Three C's” are an easy way to ensure that you and your team remain consistent and focused on your next short term missions trip.

1. Consult the Local Missionary

Communicating with local missionaries is especially important on youth mission trips and other short term missions trips. Local missionaries can familiarize your team with the local culture and explain their long-term plan for ministering to the populace. This will help ensure that your message is consistent with theirs.

2. Constant Prayer

Pray constantly and humbly. You can pray for people you see; pray for wisdom in your interactions with them, and pray for the trip to be a chance for you and your team to grow stronger in faith. Remaining in prayer allows Christ to inform your decisions and your interactions on this trip. This will help ensure that the impressions you make are consistent with His will.

3. Come Back

For many Christian ministries, “coming back” may be the single most difficult part of mission work. Few people get the chance to return to the physical location where they served. Consequently, it can be easy to view a short term mission trip as an isolated instance in time. This is particularly true with youth mission trips. But coming back doesn't have to refer to a physical return. You can come back by consistently communicating with those you met on your trip. You can come back by meeting as a team to pray for specific people or situations in the area where you served. And easiest of all, you can come back by allowing your mission trip experience to continue to change you, even years after the physical part of the trip has ended.

These Three C's can make it easier to be consistent in our approach to missions. But consistency in missions is even simpler than that: If we think about it, it's really about being more like Christ, as consistently as possible.

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