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Our jaws dropped as we pulled up to the skeleton of a house. Our truck was loaded with 2x4s, siding, and nails. It was becoming clear that we were in over our heads.

It still amazes me as I look back on how many obstacles were overcome during this project. Josh Flegel, Leader of Franklin Road Academy, spent countless hours working out last minute details to even get his students on the ground in Texas. Every project has a budget, and as the week progressed, we knew that there was no way we would be able to purchase all of the materials needed for the house. This group decided to phone home. From thousands of miles away they raised enough funds to close in the house and provide shelter for Rosdalia and Alvierto before the end of the week!

Before the fire, Alvierto was living in Mexico, working, and sending money to his wife in the States. Their marriage was hurting. Throughout the week, we watched as their hearts grew closer and closer. Both were in tears as they said goodbye to the team. They had accepted us as their family.

I remember the look on Alvierto’s face as we hammered the last few nails into the shingles. His eyes were full of endless gratitude. The students of Franklin Road Academy are real life superheroes! This work would have taken months if not for them. Thank you all!