Some people feel called to a career as a teacher or pastor. Others might feel led to run a business or write novels. Maybe you feel called to devote your life to long-term missions trips. If you are thinking about the calling to volunteer abroad as your vocation, short-term missionary work can help you get a feel for long-term missions. Consider these opportunities to volunteer abroad on short-term missions trip with Mission Discovery:

  • Port au Prince, Haiti– In 2010, a terrible earthquake threatened the livelihood of the people in Haiti. About 400,000 people still living in tents and other temporary housing today. The people of Haiti need help to build sustainable and strong communities. Our relationships with the local and international ministries in Port au Prince provide Mission Discovery teams opportunities to do missionary work that makes a difference. There are many opportunities to serve on short-term missions trips in Haiti in the fall and spring. If you feel compelled by short-term missions opportunities, then you might consider our long-term mission trips to Port au Prince from 12/27/14 to 1/2/15.
  • Guatemala Learn and Serve– Do you feel led to serve on long-term missions trips in a Spanish-speaking country? If you see yourself serving in a Latin America, then consider refining your Spanish speaking skills with our Guatemala Learn and Serve short-term mission trips. These trips include one-on-one time with Spanish instructors and various outreach opportunities. You’ll also spend time with the children of Hermano Pedro Hospital, host a Children’s Bible School, or deliver food to a needy family. As you volunteer abroad in Guatemala, imagine yourself doing missionary work on a long-term trip. The Guatemala Learn and Serve trips are 10/11/15 to 10/17/15 or 10/18/15 to 10/25/15.

These two short-term missions trips are great ways to get a feel for the possibility of long-term missions. Visit for other great short-term missions trips to KenyaSwaiziland, and beyond! Stay tuned for our own long-term missions trips opportunities too. Contact us with your questions or concerns as you consider a vocation doing long-term missionary work.