Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular seasons for individuals and families to volunteer and perform missionary work. If you’re interested in participating at a local mission this holiday season, you’re not alone. The holidays can make us feel more grateful and inclined to serve others. Here are some tips to help you decide the best time to volunteer.

Consider that just like you, a lot of people want to make a difference during the holiday season. This is the perfect time to start planning a spring or summer mission trip. If you want to volunteer, but do not want, or cannot make, a long-term commitment, remember that one-time or yearly short-term commitments can help enormously.

Mission Discovery’s new Connect Mission Trips can put you in touch with people and communities that need help year round. Work projects are designed to meet the needs of families and individuals living below the poverty line.

The average workday will help residents in the Nashville community. You’ll paint, clean, and make old things new again. This affordable mission trip connects you with the stories of the people you’ll serve and you’ll partner with other inner city ministries.

You don’t have to travel abroad as a volunteer to make a difference and help others. Your time and talents may be needed closer to home. To learn more about local mission trip opportunities, contact us anytime.