If you want to help those in need after a natural disaster, then how do you choose which aid organizations to volunteer with? There are many disasters that occur every year and each of them will have its own specific needs. In this article, we will provide information on how to help during a natural disaster as well as what agencies help with these types of emergencies. We’ll also discuss how you can find out more about the different ways that people can be helpful during times of crisis.

Those who suffer a disaster may require immediate emergency assistance. As a result, the first thing to discover is which organizations are equipped to provide emergency aid. These are called disaster relief agencies. All humanitarian organizations are not the same, and it’s critical to know the difference before looking for a way to help after a natural disaster.

Emergency Relief Agencies

Some organizations are well equipped to handle the immediate aftermath of a disaster. This emergency response includes providing food, water, shelter, medical supplies and hygiene items to those in need during the acute phase of an emergency. Relief Organizations are focused on how they can help people affected recover from disasters, and their help is usually fast and temporary.

Voluntary Agencies

These groups generally seek donations and dispatch their own personnel to the affected areas. Many of these agencies are faith-based, and they can help in a variety of ways including providing support for transportation costs as well as how to rebuild homes after a natural disaster. They also provide training opportunities so that people can become resilient in the future.

Development Agencies

These organizations focus on how to help people out of poverty by providing education, economic opportunities, and community development initiatives. They are often partnered with local churches or other religious groups who can work side-by-side during a time of crisis.

Organizations such as Mission Discovery are considered Voluntary and Development organizations (VDAs). One of our goals is to get volunteers once the newsreels have stopped focusing on the emergency. In fact, part of our mission is to make sure that those who are suffering are never forgotten.

VDAs are generally used for long-term rehabilitation. They assist communities and individuals in rebuilding their houses, obtaining food in times of scarcity, and ensuring future self-sufficiency. This is not to say that Mission Discovery will never step into the relief phase of disaster aid and provide relief teams to the affected areas. If we are established in an area and have ministry partners leading the charge, we may be able to mobilize quickly enough to provide emergency relief.

But there are other ways our volunteers can help during the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

How Can I Get Involved?


Prayer is the first step. When you pray, ask how God wants you to help during a natural disaster.


Wondering what organizations help with natural disasters? Donate to one of these trusted emergency relief agencies:


Keep an eye on our website for how you can get involved. We’ll have opportunities for how you can help us after the relief efforts have slowed and we are able to volunteer in a helpful way.

As you can see, there are actually different types of agencies that help out after a disaster. Every agency is unique and has its own mission. That’s why it’s important to find the one that fits best with your values and how much time you have available for relief efforts.


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