Jason Torrence

Even if you’re interested in Christian missionary work, a mission trip to Las Vegas probably sounds like a challenging idea. We’ve all heard people refer to Vegas as “Sin City,” and we’ve all heard people say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That last saying hints at the exact reason why Las Vegas is such an important destination. At its heart, “What happens in Vegas…” is an expression of shame for one’s actions. Whether or not you’ve ever repeated that saying, and whether or not you’ve been to Vegas, we’ve got a suggestion: If you’d like to get involved in Christian missions, this is one trip that you won’t be ashamed to tell people about.

While you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll have all sorts of opportunities to minister to those without hope, help, or homes. During this six-day missions trip, you and your team will work with local children, building relationships and helping to teach Bible School