The sun rises early in Haiti. Dogs barking, roosters crowing, it’s time to peel myself out of bed as all of creation is shouting and begging me to wake up. What will I experience today?

Yesterday I witnessed things I had never dreamed of. I held a screaming infant as infections were scraped from his sores. I passed out bags of rice and beans and saw true despair as a crowd of people kept growing and the number of bags kept shrinking.

I wondered about the Jesus I learned about in Sunday School. The one who multiplied loaves of sourdough and red snapper for thousands and thousands of people. Where was that guy yesterday? What is He going to do today?

This is a type of thought process that can well up inside of us while on a mission trip. I have asked God to teach me, and to help me process through what I have experienced. I cannot be a missionary and not have my heart break for people suffering around the world, and It’s in this brokenness that I found the healing power of Christ.

There is this mango tree. Every morning before we go into the community to serve, we meet there and someone shares a devotional thought with the rest of us. It’s a way to center ourselves, focus on Christ, and come together before get