Video: Nathan Walters // When are mission trips happening again?

When are mission trips happening again?

We get this question all the time – When are mission trips starting again? The answer is simple: This summer! This summer we are going to start going back to our ministry partners. We’ve got teams signed up for Guatemala, Tecate, Puerto Rico, and the States. You’re more than welcome to join us on those trips. We are excited to serve again. And of course, we’re doing this with wisdom and guidance from God and from our ministry partners.

Another answer to this question ”when are mission trips starting again” question is RIGHT NOW! You know, every one of us has an opportunity to live on mission. So I would invite you to just look around. We all have opportunities every day to live on mission.

I found a way to hack the system. It’s a thought that is in my mind rattling around during the day. And it’s this: How can I make someone’s day today? If you’re wanting to live on mission, that’s a place to begin. How can you make someone’s day today? Will you have an opportunity to tip today? Go above and beyond.

Call your church and see if they have anything they need help with. I know a lot of church leaders may have signed up to lead a class, lead worship, or do something else, and they can’t make it because they’ve come in contact with someone that has covid or something similar. You have an opportunity right there to just say, “Hey, I’m available!” Be available to do things if something should fall through. What about food banks, or does your area have a shelter where you can volunteer?

You can live on mission right now. We all can. We have that invitation every day. So I would invite you to do that. Mission trips are starting in the summer, but a life on mission can happen right now. Just ask yourself, “How can I make someone’s day today?”

Port Au Prince, Haiti Update

We were unable to visit most of our ministry partners in 2020. We stopped going to Port au Prince, Haiti in 2018 because of the violence in the area. Haiti has a lot of violence and we just didn’t deem that it was safe for our teams to go. However, during the pandemic in 2020, we were able to plant another church, and that’s a big deal. We were also able to build a water cistern.

If you don’t know much about our ministry in Haiti, we plant churches with a local ministry partner. Along with these churches comes water stations because water is such a big need in these communities. Our water station at Church #7 is a well. And we can’t always get good water from the wells.

The wells will turn brackish, which just means the water is not good. Sometimes, though, the water is good. We were able to build a cistern so that when the water is good, we can pump it out of the well and keep it in this tank. This thing is huge!

It’s massive, meant to hold water so that people in the area – we’re talking like tens of thousands of people – can come to get water from this cistern year-round. We built it and it’s ready to go. However, violence spiked in that area right after we finished the cistern. And now the company that is meant to install that pump can’t go there because of the violence. They’re not going to do it right now.

So that’s a big deal for us because we were able to meet that need, but we’re still in a stalling pattern, and it’s been that way for a couple of months now. So I would ask for prayer in this situation.

I was talking with our ministry partner, Pastor Noel, the other day. We were discussing when and how we can get this project moving. And, of course, we said PRAY. So we continued praying. I just found out today that the leader of that gang has been arrested.

So God moves! You know, where we see, these huge, impossible problems, God sees opportunities for him to show off His power, His grace, and His willingness to help His people. God is always looking for these opportunities.

We see problems. God sees opportunities.

So I would be encouraged today if you guys would just pray with us, that we would be able to get that pump installed so that the water can be readily available for that community.

Join us with prayer, join us this summer on a mission trip, and then join with us today as we go out and we serve our communities wherever we are.

So that’s a quick update about Mission Discovery and when things are happening. Look for more of these updates. I’m going to get with you all about our other projects. If you’ve been on a Mission Discovery project, you quickly realize that this is not an organization that goes out and only does projects. We are family. You all are our family. Our ministry partners are our family. And we want to see our family again very soon. God bless.