It was a late night porch conversation. My friend, Niki, told me she had been “haunted” by a question. She was waking up every morning with this same burning thought on her mind, and she was struggling to make sense of it. I’m not sure what kind of resolution our conversation was hoping for, but I can tell you, her question now haunts me.

Where is your resolve?

Of course I had to go to Webster to get my first clue of what this question could mean. And reading down the list the first time didn’t help much. After a bit of thought and interrogation, I’ve come to this… Resolve probably means determination or passion. Determined passion. Passionate determination. You know, all of the above. Resolve.

The question could be restated.

What is driving you?

Where is your passion?

Your determination?

Up to this point the question doesn’t haunt me. It’s the invisible question that does. There is an underlying challenge in the tone of her question that is almost eery. If she has been waking up with something on her mind, the question has to be asked, what put it there? Who put it there?

I am a Christian so my immediate assumption is God. I believe the Spirit of our Creator has the power to whisper into our hearts. I have had experience with this. I believe most of us have. And I believe God always has a motive when He speaks to us. So now the question is: What is God’s motive?

I believe the question beneath “Where is your resolve?” is “Where is your passion? And does it match mine?”

Are you on board with what God is doing? Are you determined to stick with him, even when He is leading you into the “valley of the shadow of death?” Are you passionately following Him, or have you been running the other direction?

I have been studying the book of Jonah, and it’s amazing that throughout the whole book, God and Jonah never seem to get on the same page. God is looking for partners. Passionate and determined partners whose are rooted in the grace of Christ and who will stop at nothing to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience His love.

Has God been speaking to you recently? What has He been saying?

Where is your Passion? Does it line up with what God wants for you?