Nicaragua’s future has become uncertain due to the country’s present protests and the government’s threatening reciprocation. Demonstrations first began in April of 2018 in protest of social security reforms set in place by President Daniel Ortega. After five days of protests – and the loss of thirty lives – the reform was canceled. However, the unrest with the federal government had grown, and demonstrators now demand the resignation of President Ortega.

Pro-government supporters have begun to attack priests and clergy. A majority of missionaries transferred out of the country by early June due to the continued violence. In light of the unrest becoming the deadliest civil conflict since the country’s 1978 revolution, Nicaraguan public and international governments are calling for transparent elections for a new president. The scars of this economic crisis and destabilized government will be visible for years to come.

Helping the people of Central America can be difficult if you are unable to go to them. Many missionaries have changed their plans and decided not to go until Nicaragua’s political crisis settles. However, there are much less dangerous neighboring countries that are in need of help as well.

1. Guatemala

Recently blanketed in lava and ash, sits northwest of Nicaragua. An active volcano outside of Guatemala City killed more than one hundred people after it erupted in June 2018. Mission Discovery continues to partner with local ministries to help build homes for those in need.

2. Puerto Rico

To the east, Puerto Rico is still in recovery from Hurricane Irma. Mission Discovery teams are helping in the recovery process.

3. Haiti

Haiti made national headlines when rising gas prices caused riots in July. However, Mission Discovery’s priority is the safety of its volunteers. Teams come together to work for a local ministry that supplies food, water, medicine, and education through the local Church.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica continues to struggle to thrive in their economy. Mission Discovery has established partnerships with local ministries their to ensure that short-term mission trip teams provide the most beneficial aid.

The unrest in Nicaragua should not deter the spread of God’s word forever. In the book of Joshua, we read God’s promise to be with his children wherever they go. Learn how to face the fear of countries you are unsure of on OUR BLOG.

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