You can join Mission Discovery for many different types of mission trips experiences. We offer opportunities for several types of groups to volunteer abroad including: families, youths, women, college aged adults, and jr. high kids. These trips are pretty simple to figure out if you’re eligible for them or not. Another type of mission trip opportunity are medical mission trips. Medical missions may seem like they’re only for doctors and nurses. Did you know that medical mission trips are for a wide-range of individuals? Maybe medical missions could even be right for you! Do you fall into one of the following groups?

  • Medical professionals– It probably comes to no surprise that medical professionals are necessary for most medical mission trips. Doctors, nurses, practitioners, dentists, therapists, physician assistants, and medical technicians are needed to address the tremendous needs of the individuals being served on these mission trips.
  • Aspiring medical professionals– You may not be a licensed physician, but you can still find your place on medical mission trips if you aspire to one day work in the medical field. You’ll gain invaluable insight and perspective on how to treat the sick and needy. Taking the opportunity to volunteer abroad as you consider a medical degree will surely light a fire in your soul. Look for medical missions opportunities if you’re considering a profession in any medical field.
  • Mature young adults– Any college or senior high aged young adult can serve on medical mission trips. You’ll probably see things that are not easy to see, so it is important to be mature enough to handle any situation.You don’t have to aspire to work in a medical field to be effective on a medical mission trip. These trips always need a helping hand to organize, move supplies, and support the other caregivers on the trip.
  • Caring Christians– Really anybody from one of the previous categories can make a huge impact through medical missions. At Mission Discovery, we regularly take groups on mission trips to Haiti. These trips often have spots available for caring Christians to fill. One day everybody will be free from sickness and disease. Until then, there will always be a need for caring individuals to serve in Haiti and elsewhere through medical missions.

Medical mission trips attract a wide range of individuals. If you think you’re not cut out for a medical mission trip, but are interested in being part of one, then think again. Visit for more information about our medical mission trips to HaitiContact us with any questions you might have as you consider the opportunity to serve the sick, helpless, and needy with Mission Discovery.