Work day #1 is complete and God is already started to do amazing things. We have 3 great churches and they are building 5 houses total. Today they all started work on their houses and got to know their families a little bit. We went out and did a little VBS canvassing for tomorrow and hopefully it pays off and we have a ton on kids there. I’m a little nervous about being VBS coordinator this week, but know that it’s what God wants from me at this moment. And what could be a bigger blessing than getting to hang out with a bunch of kids and teach them about God’s love?

I finally got to hold the Mexican baby I’d been itching to hold for weeks now. There’s just something about holding a baby that makes everything better.

Worship was great tonight and you could feel the passion that everyone was pouring out to the Lord. When he came to God sightings we got some excellent and heart breaking stories of heart ache and doubt, but the Lord showed his face to these young people and their faith has been restored.

Work day # 2 is tomorrow and day #1 of VBS. God is using these kids in a huge way and I can’t see the impact it leaves on them.