Work projects have been identified for all five weeks that teams that will be serving at Mission Discovery projects in Nassau, Bahamas. Some teams will continue the project of building a house for a Haitian immigrant family that has been living in a dilapidated shack for years. Mission Discovery teams began building a house for Anna Wilson and her family a few years ago. We hope that 2011 teams will be able to complete the roof of the house. Other teams will work at several Haitian Churches where they will mix concrete, repair broken down walls, build partitions, paint walls and whatever else may be needed.

Teams will build relationships with Haitian families and with residents of nearby communities. Some will work with trouble children at the Boys and Girls Industrial Schools and all share the Good News of Jesus at the daily Vacation Bible School held each day in the communities where they will work.

On the day off, teams will have opportunity to shop at Nassau’s new straw market that just opened earlier this year and then they will be off for the white beaches of Goodman’s Bay Beach. Teams will serve the poor of Nassau and then experience the beauty of The Bahamas.