This is what the pilots see on approach to Montego Bay International Sangster Airport.

Good arrival day here in Montego Bay. I’m more struck by the genuine kindness of the people here today than ever before. I had a nice chat with a taxi driver in the airport while we were waiting for Michael Kneff to pick us up. When people ask me about working here over the last years I’m always amazed by the response from Jamaicans when I say I worked in Salt Springs. Their eyebrows go up and they let out a shrill, like maybe I shouldn’t ever go there again.

This week’s Mission Discovery groups are from Little Rock, Houston and Chicago.

Tonight following our short evening meeting we were entertained by a 6 person steel drum band. Incredible music with all my Jamaican favorites plus some Lady Gaga no less! What a great evening here with 61 people. Tomorrow we are up early for a trip out to work at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf and a visit to a great little public pre school call the Eden Basic School where a group of young ladies are preparing a bible school program to lead this week.

Today I’m grateful to have Ann with me here. Nothing like a little frequent flier mileage to get her here for the grand total of 65 dollars! Short night last night, looking for some good sleep on what feels like a hard mattress. Good night.