Antigua is a city known for its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. It's the cultural hub of Guatemala drawing tourists from all around the world. But on June 3rd, 2018, the city was covered in ash. Volcan de Fuego erupted, claiming the lives of over 100 people. Mission Discovery teams were scheduled to build homes for three families in a nearby area, but because of the eruption plans had to change.

Mission Discovery NEEDS YOUR HELP to meet the needs of these families. We will be bringing a group in the Fall of 2018 to minister to families affected by the volcano and to build the homes these families have been waiting for.

The families struggle to earn enough money for basic food and shelter. Children as young as seven often give up the chance for education to help sustain their families. Your mission: join forces with local ministries to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing hands-on help through construction projects and Children’s Bible school. Your work will serve to brighten the future of Guatemala.

The last day of your mission trip is set aside for souvenir shopping, relaxing, and exploring the ancient historical town of Antigua!

Daily Work Assignments:  

  • Construction: Your team may build a home for a family in need, a chicken coop, or a cooking stove. 
  • Children's Bible School: Your team will help lead a children’s Bible school that could attract over 100 children.
  • Distribution: Your team may distribute water filters, or grocery items to members of the community

*Trip cost is price plus registration fee.

** This trip provides a fantastic environment for teams. However, it is not suited for individual participants.

Trip Dates