Swaziland (eSwatini) is in crisis. HIV infection rates are estimated at over 25% and AIDS accounts for roughly 60% of the country's deaths each year.

The people of Bulembu Ministries dream of providing homes and a brighter future to 2,000 orphans.  With Mission Discovery teams working alongside them, they have begun renovating an abandoned mining town to create a self-sustaining community where these orphans will thrive. In addition to construction projects, your team will experience ministry through sports, school clubs and tutoring with Bulembu’s precious residents.

Adding to the adventure is a two-night stay at Hippo Hollow Lodge with a safari through the world-famous Kruger National Park.  In route to our days off are stops along the way to enjoy the beauty of South Africa including an unforgettable tour at Sudwala Caves then lunch at the famous Harry's Pancakes.

Daily Work Assignments:  

  • All work projects involve restoring the town of Bulembu.  
  • It can involve heavy to light construction and painting.  
  • Work sites are chosen based on your abilities and strengths. 

*Trip cost is price plus registration fee. 

Trip Dates

7/29/22 to 8/8/22
High School, College Age, Adult