Hurricane Harvey was one of the most costly natural disasters in U.S. history. An estimated 32,000 people were displaced from damaging winds and extreme flooding. FEMA is reporting there are over 410,000 people who have applied for disaster assistance.

In addition to wind damage, vast areas of Houston were flooded by unprecedented amounts of rainfall. Homeowners in these neighborhoods are now faced with the difficult task of rebuilding. Many residents are forced to move forward without the help of insurance. The news cycle might have moved on, but these people are still in the middle of an emergency. They need immediate help!

It is time for the church to mobilize around our brothers and sisters in Houston. Mission Discovery will be partnering with a local church to focus on Houston’s Fifth Ward neighborhood. We are committed to leading teams to rebuild and repair homes. We hope to be a physical representation of the love of Christ as we meet real needs. We will use this opportunity to show the residents of Houston that they are not alone.

Your team can be a part of the solution!

Daily Work Assignments:

  • Each day your team will be sent out to home sites to repair, repaint, and replace what was lost during the storm. A mixture of skilled and unskilled labor is welcome. All of our work will be directed by our local church contacts.
  • We will be part of a larger vision to bring healing to the neighborhoods of Houston. Our staff will be on hand to help guide your team.

Contact our office today at (615) 206-0555 to join the efforts in Houston.

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