Desperate to flee abysmal conditions in Haiti, thousands of refugees have risked their lives to come to the capital of the Bahamas, hoping for a new start.

But with no money, no jobs and no homes, they are trapped in a desperate struggle to survive.  Local pastors and aid ministries do all they can to provide help to this growing population, but the need for housing and education is enormous. Your Mission Discovery team will help construct churches and daycare facilities, repair homes and lead Children’s Bible School in poor Bahamian and Haitian communities.  Groups will also connect through visits to a juvenile detention center and the All Saints AIDS Camp.

The last day of your mission trip is set aside for souvenir shopping, relaxing, and spending time on one of Nassau's loveliest beaches.

Daily Work Assignments: 

  • Construction: Mixing concrete, home repair or painting projects.  
  • Children's Bible School: Your team will lead CBS at the detention center as well as at local churches.

*Trip cost is price plus registration fee.

Trip Dates