Shortly after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince, Mission Discovery began taking teams right into the heart of the hardest hit areas.

Today, 400,000 homeless refugees still live amid abhorrent conditions in tent cities. Working with local, national and international ministries, your team will work toward meeting the spiritual and physical needs of those who have nothing. In the earthquake resettlement of Onaville, Haiti, Mission Discovery has brought hope to the community through clean water initiatives and church planting.  Teams serve Onaville by constructing water stations, churches, joining a community prayer walk, and leading children’s Bible school.

Pastor Noel Gespere has a vision for Onaville to launch 1,000 churches that serve the spiritual and physical needs of the community.  The relationship has led to the construction of water stations at each completed church for distribution.  The clean water stations have improved the health of the community!

Your service will help bring an end to generations of spiritual and physical desolation and advance redevelopment efforts with the ultimate goal of producing safe, sustainable communities.

Daily Work Assignments:

  • Monday through Thursday your team will be involved in construction and outreach in the community of Onaville. Expect this work to involve mixing concrete and carpentry.
  • Children’s and adult outreaches.
  • Door to door visits in the community are also a possibility.
  • Sunday, your start day, you’ll attend a church service in Onaville and be involved in a prayer walk in the community.



$1099one week
  • Currently Unavailable


$1099one week
  • Currently Unavailable


$1099one week
  • Currently Unavailable


Our mission trips to Antigua, Guatemala are best suited for High School, College, Adult, and Family volunteers.

  • The trip cost includes: trip deposit, food, lodging, ground transportation, construction supplies, emergency medical insurance, a t-shirt and a devotional.
  • What is not included: flight, any spending money you may need and $30 for a background check (plus specific state and county fees).
  • The trip cost includes: trip deposit, food, lodging, construction supplies, emergency medical insurance, a t-shirt and a devotional.
  • What is not included: flight, ground transportation any spending money you may need and $30 for a background check (plus specific state and county fees).
  1. Click the SIGN UP button at the top of this page.
  2. Fill in your information.
  3. Our team will contact you with an email with directions for how to sign up.
  4. We will follow up with you about project details and a payment schedule.
  5. When the trip is approaching, we will have an online meeting with leaders to communicate the specifics of the trip.
  6. You will travel to the location, meet the crew, and serve!

No. We break the trip cost into three payments. Here is what a typical payment schedule looks like.

  • $100 per volunteer deposit is due 30 days after you register.
  • Half of the remaining balance will be due 90 days prior to the trip start date.
  • The remaining balance will be due 45 days prior to the trip start date.

Yes. Our mission trip teams have tons of individual volunteers. We do, however, need to have at least 25 volunteers sign up for a trip to make it happen. If you sign up for a trip and we do not get enough volunteers, you will have the option to join another team or join a trip in the future. We will also issue a refund if you are not interested serving on another trip.


Teams are housed at a camp-style facility in Port au Prince. On the premises, there is a children’s home that team members are encouraged to visit throughout the week.


Fly into PAP. Once your team arrives in Port au Prince, all of your ground transportation is organized by Mission Discovery staff members.


Breakfast and dinner are prepared buffet style in the kitchen by camp staff. Lunches are sandwiches on the worksite.


Arrival Day

10:00 AM     |   Airport Pickup Begins
2:00 PM     |   Airport Pickup Ends 
4:30 PM    
|   Leaders Meeting
5:00 PM     |   Dinner
7:00 PM       Evening Program
8:00 PM     |   Small Groups
10:00 PM       In Rooms

Daily Schedule

7:00 AM     |   Wake Up
7:45 AM     |   Quiet Time
8:00 AM     |   Breakfast
8:45 AM     |   Devotional Thought
9:00 AM     |   Depart for Worksites
3:00 PM     |   Return to Camp
4:30 PM     |   Leaders Meeting 
5:00 PM     |   Dinner
7:00 PM     |   Evening Program
8:00 PM     |   Small Groups
10:00 PM     |   In Rooms

Departure Day

7:00 AM     |   Airport Drop Off Begins
7:45 AM     |   Quiet Time
8:00 AM     |   Breakfast
12:00 PM     |   Airport Drop Off Ends


My trip to Haiti was amazing and I am ready to go back. Mission Discovery did a great job organizing this trip and does great work in Haiti.
Renee G - Wisconsin
The trip to Haiti was an absolutely amazing experience with wonderful team members that were a pleasure to be with!
Skyler E - Georgia
I enjoyed this trip all over again. Last year i went to Haiti and it took a part of my heart. Jamaica now hold part of my heart as well.
Rena B - Florida
Nathan was great.  Haiti was a hard place to see and experience, but also a great spiritual adventure to be part of.
John M - Wisconsin
I absolutely LOVE my trip to Haiti every Feb with Mission Discovery!!! Nathan and Mike did a great job leading this last year.
Christie W - Texas
I had such a great week with Mission Discovery in Onaville, Haiti.
Lindsay C - Michigan
I have been to Haiti several times with different American organizations.
Chase M - Kentucky


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