The staff at Mission Discovery is made up of passionate, generous people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. They minister by leading and organizing short-term mission trips for volunteers, and thousands are helped every year as a result!

Since 1991, our goal has been to provide volunteers with an immersive, transformational experience that leaves them changed forever. Whether it’s through an international or domestic mission trip, we hope you’ll come away from your time with us feeling like the person who has been given something great in return for your hard work and commitment towards serving others.

Every staff member is committed to making the name of Jesus known through our love and service. Every project coordinator with Mission Discovery raises funds so that we can keep costs low for mission trips here at home as well as abroad! Join them on a trip or donate today. Your resources will go towards bringing other people into God’s Kingdom through our mission trips.

Nathan and Molly Walters



Nathan Walters is passionate about spreading the love of Christ with Mission Discovery. As President of Mission Discovery, he is responsible for leading the organization to further its mission. He graduated from college with a



Maury Buchanan, a youth minister since 1975, was born in Greenwood, Mississippi. Maury became a Christian when he was 19, while working at a radio station in Florence, Alabama….

Jimmy Rivera Mission Discovery President and Board Member


Former President

I am a lover of life and all that God has to offer! My first Mission Discovery trip was as a participant with my church. I helped translate the Vacation Bible School for a week-long trip in Reynosa, Mexico…


Director of U.S. Projects

Michael served on his first mission trip with Mission Discovery when he was 13 years old. After that first trip, he kept serving with Mission Discovery until they finally offered him a job…

Courtney Carrigan - Mission Discovery


HOLD the Children Director

Courtney went on her first mission trip with Mission Discovery to Reynosa, Mexico when she was 8 years old. She has a passion for orphan care and education advocacy…

Josh Clancy


Project Coordinator

Josh’s life has been changed by missions. He went on his first mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico when he was 13. After serving with a group he didn’t know, he wasn’t sure whether …

Chris Chandler


Project Coordinator

With over 25 years of ministry experience, Chris has served in various ministries capacities, including Lead Pastor for two congregations, Assistant Pastor for Youth & Mission in Northern Ireland…


Administrative Director

Stephanie has a passion for missions that has been fueled by trips throughout high school and college. Her previous mission trip opportunities include trips to Portugal, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico …


Financial Administrative Assistant

Jeanie Morgan is a master of the spreadsheet! Jeanie handles all of the details of trip payments, donor relations and all things financial. She’s an expert on what is tax deductible …

Cheryl Milnes Mission Discovery Board Member


Accounting Specialist

Cheryl Milnes has served with Mission Discovery since 2003 when she led a Mexico mission trip for the middle-school students of her church. She has been on many Mission Discovery trips to Mexico, South Dakota …


Office Assistant

Many will recognize Pat from the hundreds she has fed in Mission Discovery kitchens in the U.S. and Mexico. Pat and her husband Carl were introduced to Mission Discovery through a friend …

April Moore


Administrative Assistant

April’s first mission trip was 5 years ago with her church. She & her family have continued to go annually to the Baja Peninsula. April & her husband have a passion for missions and serve together on the Mission Team …