Feed My Lambs

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Read John 21:15-19 Growing up, I thought my older brother, James, was the coolest.  I wanted to be just like him.  I wanted to do everything he did.  I liked everything he liked.  That’s how it works with older brothers.  Some days [...]

On The Road

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Read Luke 24:13-35 Mom leaned over, kissed me on the forehead and whispered goodnight.  She marched slowly to the door and began to pull it closed.  The hinges screamed for WD-40 and I woke up.  Before I let her go to bed, [...]

Where’s The Line?

By |2023-10-23T16:02:33-04:00September 13, 2023|Devotionals|

Read Matthew 19:16-22 When I was a kid I hated cleaning my room.  If I’m being honest I still hate cleaning my room, but as a grown up I am not allowed to admit that.  Every Saturday my mom would post a [...]

All Out Of Stones

By |2023-10-24T13:33:41-04:00September 13, 2023|Devotionals|

Read John 8:1-11 I’m often asked why I became a vegetarian.  I wish I could give a more noble answer, but the truth is, I became a vegetarian because of a girl.  I was interested in dating her, and we watching a [...]

Martha, Martha… 

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Read Luke 10:38-42 Some people are magnificent Christians right out of the gate.  They read their Bibles, do their devotionals, pray in front of people, and get the jargon down fairly quickly.  It took me years to learn the Christian ropes.  Then, [...]

Parking Lots & Waterfalls

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Read John 4:1-26 I once heard a story about a little boy who visited Niagra Falls.  His family had been telling him how cool it was.  They described the falls and told him about how much water went over the falls.  The [...]

Who Touched Me?

By |2023-10-24T13:54:38-04:00September 13, 2023|Devotionals|

 Read Matthew 9:18-26 When I was in Middle school, Oregon Trail was my video game of choice, and I got my advice from Clarissa Explains It All.  Baggy pants were in style and I had a pair.  They were brown and I [...]

Come Down From There

By |2023-10-24T14:10:26-04:00September 13, 2023|Devotionals|

 Read Luke 19:1-10 Sing it with me… “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he…” We have all probably heard the story of Zacchaeus.  Most of us might even have sung about him in Sunday school, but [...]

The One Thing We Need

By |2023-10-24T14:16:25-04:00September 13, 2023|Devotionals|

"Inevitably, though, a search for Jesus turns out to be one’s own search.  No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same."  Phillip Yancey – The Jesus I Never Knew I wonder what it would have been like to meet Jesus.  Don’t [...]

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