Share the Gospel and help improve relations between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland experienced a civil war in the 1960’s – 1998 because people believed their conflicts should be resolved through violence instead of peace. Northern Irish citizens were divided into Catholics who wanted to unite with Southern Ireland, Protestants that supported Britain’s rule over Northern Ireland, and those somewhere between these two perspectives. The result was years of tension filled with violent crimes such as bombings intended to hurt civilians for political gain on both sides.

In 1998, an agreement was reached between the two sides that brought about a ceasefire and established order in the region. However, tension between Protestants and Catholics still exists in Northern Ireland.

A local ministry has hosted teams from across the U.S. for over 20 years in a bid to break down barriers between Protestants and Catholics through strategic neighborhood outreach projects that equally share the Good News of Jesus with both groups who are loved and accepted by Him, who is deserving of their love as well.

Join our mission trips to Northern Ireland to share the Gospel and experience the unique culture of the area.

Daily Work Assignments:

  • Working with local schools

  • Attending religious classes

  • Local park ministry

  • Local outreach to children through kids club



$1049one week
  • March 5 – 13, 2022


$1049one week
  • Custom Dates Available


$1049one week
  • October 8 – 16, 2022


Our mission trips to Dundrum, Northern Ireland are best suited for High School, College, Adult, and Family volunteers.
  • The trip cost includes: trip deposit, food, lodging, ground transportation, construction supplies, emergency medical insurance, a t-shirt and a devotional.
  • What is not included: flight, any spending money you may need and $25 for a background check.
  • The trip cost includes: trip deposit, food, lodging, construction supplies, emergency medical insurance, a t-shirt and a devotional.
  • What is not included: flight, ground transportation any spending money you may need and $15+ for a background check.
  1. Click the SIGN UP button at the top of this page.
  2. Fill in your information.
  3. Our team will contact you with an email with directions for how to sign up.
  4. We will follow up with you about project details and a payment schedule.
  5. When the trip is approaching, we will have an online meeting with leaders to communicate the specifics of the trip.
  6. You will travel to the location, meet the crew, and serve!

No. We break the trip cost into three payments. Here is what a typical payment schedule looks like.

  • $100 per volunteer deposit is due 30 days after you register.
  • Half of the remaining balance will be due 90 days prior to the trip start date.
  • The remaining balance will be due 45 days prior to the trip start date.
Yes. Our mission trip teams have tons of individual volunteers. We do, however, need to have at least 20 volunteers sign up for a trip to make it happen. If you sign up for a trip and we do not get enough volunteers, you will have the option to join another team or join a trip in the future. We will also issue a refund if you are not interested serving on another trip.


You’ll stay at the historic Murlough House, which is located in a nature preserve. This cozy home has hosted famous guests like C.S. Lewis who would write his novels here. You also enjoy easy access to outdoor activities and scenic views.


Fly into DUB. Once your team arrives in Dublin, all of your ground transportation is organized by Mission Discovery staff members.​


Your food will be fully provided by our ministry partner on-site. Meals off-site are the responsibility of each individual.


Arrival Day

10:00 AM  |   Airport Pickup Begins
2:00 PM     |   Airport Pickup Ends
4:30 PM     |   Leaders Meeting
5:00 PM     |   Dinner
7:00 PM     |   Evening Program
8:00 PM     |   Small Groups
10:00 PM   |   In Rooms​

Daily Schedule

7:00 AM     |   Wake Up
7:30 AM     |   Breakfast
8:00 AM     |   Quiet Time
8:30 AM     |   Devotional Thought
8:45 AM     |   Depart for Worksites
3:00 PM     |   Return to Camp
5:00 PM     |   Leaders Meeting
5:30 PM     |   Dinner
7:00 PM     |   Evening Program
8:00 PM     |   Small Groups
10:00 PM     |   In Rooms ​​

Day Off Schedule

7:30 AM | Wake Up
8:00 AM | Breakfast
8:30 AM | Quiet Time
9:00 AM | Depart for Day Off
3:00 PM | Return to Camp
4:00 PM | Shop for Families
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | Evening Program
8:00 PM | Small Groups
10:00 PM | In Rooms ​

Departure Day

9:00 AM     |   Airport Drop Off Begins
7:45 AM     |   Quiet Time
8:00 AM     |   Breakfast
12:00 PM     |   Airport Drop Off Ends​


My second year in a row with mission discovery. Michael Neff has been with us both times. To Jamaica and to Northern Ireland. Love Michael and his heart for the Lord.
Stephen B - Texas, 3/20/2019