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On the border that separates South Africa from Swaziland is the community of Bulembu. Once a thriving mining town, Bulembu was abandoned in 2001 along with its hospital and 1,200 homes. A group of individuals purchased the town with a grand vision; the advancement of God’s kingdom in Swaziland. This is being achieved by renovating as many homes as necessary to house 2,000 children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic of Swaziland, teach AIDS awareness, and have self-sustaining community through the start-up of various cottage industry initiatives.

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March 20, 2015 - Courtney Rivera
I think you’re talking to me.  Or at least trying to…first, the moment under the mango tree of feeling so small and inadequate for such a big scary job and responsibility.  And then yesterday.  Oh these kids, they have my heart.  Especially Louisiana and Sageline.  Their smiles melt me.  After spending the entire day with the two of them, I just wish I could take them home.  After our workday at the orphanage we had another church service there and I definitely had a moment with you.
March 10, 2015 - Courtney Rivera
This past week was an incredible week of ministry as a team of 67 hosted four days of medical clinics simultaneously at three locations.  Over the course of the week, the team cared for 3,087 patients. The busiest location was at Pastor Vincent's church in Cite Soleil where the team lovingly cared for large understandably impatient crowds.  At Pastor Noel's Onaville Green Church #1, the team was able to provide care to many repeat patients from previous clinics.
February 2, 2015 - Chris Klinefelter
I’ve got a confession to make: When I’m deciding where I want to go on a mission trip, I take the location into consideration. Yes, I know that Christian missions are called Christian missions because they’re about serving Christ, not about taking a vacation. Yes, I believe that, as a Christian missionary, I shouldn’t be overly concerned with my own comfort. No, an exotic location isn’t my main concern. But a place called “Lard Bay” just doesn’t sound like the most appealing place to volunteer abroad.