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Help change your world and theirs! It's a week of service and refreshment for ladies. You've seen Jamaica's beautiful beaches and tourist destinations featured in television commercials. But behind the scenes of the city are communities struggling like never before. 69.2% of people living in Jamaica make their living from service industries like hotels. In the world's new economy, fewer people are vacationing, and so unemployment is rising. With the rise of unemployment come the side effects.

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July 20, 2015 - Courtney Rivera
What comes to mind when you think of “the least of these”?  The homeless? the hungry? the orphan? the poor? the widowed?  What about our brothers and sisters around the globe who are mentally handicapped or are suffering from some sort of physical or mental disability?
June 18, 2015 -
We dodged splatters of water coming our way as we hit the wake from other boats.  Captain Kieth was at the wheel and we were on a venture to see the skyline of Seattle from the water.  Something to know about Captain Keith, he is also a paster in North Seattle.  He came here along with his family and a core group of college leaders from Minnesota with a vision to plant a church in an area of Seattle thirsting for the hope Christ offers.  So after six years of ministry in North Seattle, Captain Kieth and his friend were given this boat to take care of.
May 25, 2015 - Maury Buchanan
What is a mission trip?  If you’ve ever asked that question…we define a mission trip as a decision to commit a focused length of time to the cause of Christ.  In a 2006 church study 1.6 million people had participated in a short-term mission trip.*