You probably know Mission Discovery for our incredible work building homes worldwide. But you might not realize the beautiful tradition that comes with it. Beyond the nails and paint, our volunteers add something truly special to each home.



Some of our volunteers take the time to write scriptures on the very bones of the houses they build – on beams, studs, and even the roof. It’s a labor of love, as they pray over every inch, knowing that these verses will be hidden in the walls for years to come.

During a recent mission trip in Nashville, our team dove headfirst into this tradition.

Courtney Carrigan, our Project Coordinator, shared a powerful moment: “We were working on a low-income family home, gutting and remodeling it. This family had been cramped in a small space for too long – six kids in a three-bedroom house. But thanks to our team’s effort, they’ll soon move into a bigger, renovated home. It was incredibly moving to cover it in scripture and lift them up in prayer.”

Sure, providing shelter is crucial, but for us, it’s about more than just bricks and mortar. We want these homes to be places of refuge where families feel the presence of God in every corner.

The beauty of it all? Our volunteers might never see the impact of their actions. But we trust that, in due time, these words will find their way to those who need them most, transforming lives for years to come.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Your support makes stories like these possible.