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On every Mission Discovery mission trip, we begin the morning together in God's word. One speaker is chosen to give the word of the day so that everyone else can meditate on the Scripture. Our hope is that volunteers engage in group discussions throughout the day and in their small groups.

Since the way ministry is being done has shifted, our goal is to serve by creating resources that will help others focus on God throughout the day, and influence family and small group discussion.

Join us every weekday as we explore God's word together. We will have speakers from all over the US and the world. Here is today's Kickstart Devotional.


Video: Dave Culbreath //  You are a Pathfinder



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Are you a pathfinder?


You are a Pathfinder 

Mission Discovery Mission Trips with Dave Culbreath


Dave Culbreath is back again today.  He is a busy dreamer and doer from Nashville, Tennessee.  He has a strong faith in Jesus and mission work everywhere, especially Jamaica. He brings another well known verse to you today with a great lesson.   

Hello my name is Dave Culbreath. Joining you today from Nashville Tennessee. It's an honor for me to be with you and I hope these next few minutes are beneficial to you, from wherever you're watching in the world. I'm going to be in John chapter 8 verse 12 here. If you've got your Bible you can flip there. You can also just listen for a moment. When you get there though you might want to spend some time in these chapters. So, verse twelve.

"Again, Jesus spoke to them saying, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." 

In a time where there feels like there's so much darkness, the light of the world is constant. There is so much uncertainty. Plans are changing, expectations are falling, things around us seem in a lot of ways to be crumbling. But the light of the world is shining.

The light of the world is alive and at work; and he's alive and at work in you. I know many of you are leading other leaders, leading period, is a challenge.  But leading and inspiring and influencing other leaders is exponentially more difficult.  Especially when information so many of us are basing massive decisions on, is changing by the hour. In all of it, the light of the world is with us and is a beacon reflecting the father.  Drawing us near to him, working in our lives, sending the spirit to be working and moving in so many different ways. So for a few moments I want to tell you about something that's been captivating my thought. I like to read. I read a lot of stuff around history, specifically World War II. I don't know if you’re familiar with the paratroopers in the D-Day invasion in Normandy.

But it's being from Nashville, we're just a short while, just an hour drive from Clarksville Tennessee, and the 101st Airborne, which were massive participants in that day of days. But there is an elite group of soldiers called the Pathfinders, they jumped out into enemy territory before the other paratroopers. They would jump alone completely surrounded in the territory. They would jump alone and set out in markers, set out beacons, set out lights to mark, to indicate, to lead and guide the others, towards a place where they needed to be.

They were volunteers. They were elite. And they were capable of doing much. They had to be. Completely surrounded with no one to help them by the other than themselves. To go and pave the way for others. Right now as you lead you are that Pathfinder for so many people. Many people you may not have even met yet. God is at work in our lives now. I think teaching us more

than some of the things that we're learning. Like, I've been working on croissants. I got warped, when on a trip to France recently and I've tried every croissant I could find, that's made at a bakery here in Nashville. Nothing compared to what we had there so i've set on this quest to make croissants. Well, that knowledge is good and it feeds my friends and family and I'm glad to know how to do that. But that knowledge doesn't matter.

These are, in the grand scheme of things.  What does matter, is that I know Jesus. I am known by Jesus. I am loved fully, by the King of Kings. As are you. He is at work in our lives teaching us, preparing us.  And I don't know what he's teaching you in this season, but today take a few minutes and just ask. What are you showing me? Where do I need to let go of something?

Where am I holding on to fear? Where am I now doubting? Where is my trust not completely solely in you Father?  Where are you pulling me.? Where are you helping me lead others? Where are you leading us? Her will reveal those answers to you. We've got time. Most of us do, more than usual. So make sure you're staying grounded in this. And make sure you're talking, 

not just with your colleagues about all these things.  But talk to them about what he's doing in your life. Be bold. Especially if you're in an organization where faith is not the core cornerstone of the organization. Look for chances to bring up the good news and reflect Jesus, because you are a Pathfinder. You have been dropped into enemy territory. You are an instrument in the hand of the Creator, 

to bring forth good news. To bring forth good news to people that don't yet know Jesus. And right now, in this darkness that seems to be around us all the places, all the time, we need the light of light.  People that don't know Jesus, now more than ever, need the light of the world to illuminate their life and illuminate their heart.  Because I know you, like me right now, have a sense of peace, that I can't really describe.

There is so much unfolding, there's so much uncertainty, there's so much to be worried, concerned, scared, fearful of, but I have this peace, because I know who's in control. I know how the story is going to end. And I know that right now, God has prepared all of us for such a time as this.

So as you lead, as you point others, illuminate the way to Jesus for others. Reflect the love of Jesus to others, as you are a beacon of the good news of the gospel to others. Be confident. Be bold. And May the peace of God be with you. Because you are not overwhelmed and you will not be overcome. The King of Kings.

The Lord of lords. He is who we serve, He is who we aspire to be. And one day he is who we will meet. So as you navigate today. Take a few moments, and allow, really look at your heart. Look where he needs to come in, look at some things you need to drop.  Look at some things that you may be agreeing with that aren't necessarily true about fear worry; and let it go. And be that beacon to the folks that need, 

that need that light. God bless you. Enjoy your day.