The 2016 Mission Discovery Golf Challenge is set for May 16th here in Hendersonville at Bluegrass Country Club.

This event is a vital part of our work.

Mission Discovery was founded in 1991 for a single purpose: To serve God by mobilizing groups and individuals to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the world’s poor. Click here to see what Mission Discovery is doing in the world right now!

Everything we do in life is a classroom. From the time you wake up to the time the lights go out at night you and I are learning. One of the voices speaking to us is the voice of God. He’s always talking, always teaching.

Mission Discovery was birthed at a kitchen table in 1991 with this very thinking in mind. That God is at work in your day, in your world and he wants you to join Him in that work.

Since November 1, 1991 over 38,000 people have volunteered to go to remote places all over the world and here at home. All of our trip participants serve people in need. More than 1,500 homes have been built abroad and over 200 homes have been repaired here in the U.S. More than 600 children are currently being sponsored in Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala through our HOLD the Children program. And over 2,000 children are benefiti